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Data Management Plan: Create a DMP Tool Account

This guide introduces what a research data management plan (DMP) is, its content, the rationale of writing a DMP, and resources on DMP.


The CUHK Library has developed DMP service with DMP Tool. When your log in DMP Tool for the first time with your CUHK OnePass credentials, you have to create a DMP Tool account with the following steps:

Create an Account

1. Go to


2. Enter your CUHK email ( and click "Continue".

Type in CUHK institutional email


3. The system detects your affiliation with CUHK. Click "Sign in with Institution to Continue". 

Click "Sign in with Institution to Continue"


4. Sign in with your CUHK credentials.

Sign in with your CUHK credentials.


5. If it is your first log in with CUHK credentials, create a DMP Tool account with your name and CUHK Email. This page will not pop up on your next log in.

Sign up with new account

Edit Your Profile

You are directed to your dashboard after creating an account. Please update your profile.

1. Mouse over your name and click "Edit profile".

Click "Edit your profile"


2. Choose your Faculty.


Choose faculty

What's Next?

Your DMP Tool account is properly set up! When you sign in next time with the CUHK credentials, this message box pops up. Choose the term at your preference.

Select a consent duration

Tips for Editing your Profile

Updating your profile can facilitate the analytics of DMP Tool usage by CUHK members. It is advisable that you use your CUHK email to create your account and edit your profile.