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Chinese Language and Literature: Chinese Linguistics

Chinese Linguistics quick guide

Applied Linguistics  
   Computational linguistics P98-98.5; P217.55
   Corpora (Linguistics) P128.C68
   Neurolinguistics (Bibliography) Z6663.N498
   Psycholinguistics BF455-463; P37-37.5; RC489.P73
   Sign language P117-P117.5
   Sociolinguistics P40-40.5
   Sociolinguistics: Bibliography Z7004.S65
Chinese Dialects  
   Cantonese dialects PL1731-1740
   Gan dialects (China) PL1871-1880
   Hakka dialects PL1851-1860
   Mandarin dialects PL1203-1900
   Northern Min dialects PL1681-1690; Z7059
   Sino-Tibetan languages PL3521
   Southern Min dialects PL1701-1710
   Wu dialects PL1931-1940
   Xiang dialects PL1861-1870
Chinese Linguistics  
   Chinese language -- Acquisition PL1074.85
   Chinese language -- Data processing PL1074.5
   Chinese language -- Dialects PL1501-PL1545
   Chinese language -- Etymology PL1281-PL1315; AC149
   Chinese language -- Grammar PL1099-PL1250.H65; A149
   Chinese language -- Lexicography PL1401-1498
   Chinese language -- Lexicology PL1280
   Chinese language -- Machine translating PL1277-PL1278
   Chinese language -- Morphology PL1203; PL1230-1241
   Chinese language -- Phonology PL1201
   Chinese language -- Political aspects DS779
   Chinese language -- Prosodic analysis PL1279
   Chinese language -- Psychological aspects PL1035-1074
   Chinese language -- Semantics PL1291, AC149
   Chinese language -- Social aspects PL1035-1074
   Chinese language -- Syntax PL1241
Theoretical Linguistics  
   Discourse analysis P302
   Linguistics--Methodology P1260
   Morphophonemics P240.9
   Phonology (using Grammar, Comparative and General – Phonology P217; B746.Z7
   Pragmatics P99.4.P72
   Semantics P325