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Scopus Author Profile Refinement: 5. Add Publications

Add a Publication

If the publication list on your Scopus Author Profile is incomplete, you can add the missing publications to your Profile. Please note that you can only add publications already indexed in Scopus. In other words, if one of your publications is available on Google Scholar but not Scopus, you cannot add that publication to your Scopus Author Profile.


  • On Scopus Author Profile interface, select [Edit profile]. You will be prompted to sign in first if you have not already done so. 


  • Select the suitable option and click [Continue].


  • Click the arrow icon [] to expand the Document list.


  • Select [Search for missing documents on Scopus].


  • You can search a publication by article title and DOI, etc. Select a search criteria, enter the search term, and click [Search].

  • Click [+ Add to profile] under the publication you want to add.


  • Select the author name you want to associate with this publication. Click [Add Document].

  • Click [Review change]. You may submit multiple change requests and submit them in one go.


  • Click [Submit request] to complete the submission.