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Scopus Author Profile Refinement: 2.1 Merge Multiple Profiles

How to Merge Multiple Profiles?

It is pretty common for Scopus to assign multiple Profiles to an author, especially when the author has a change in affiliation or merely publishes a new article without having an ORCID iD. 

1. If you have multiple Profiles in the search author result list, you may merge them by checking the boxes next to the Profiles (e.g. 1 & 3 in the example below) and then click [Request to merge authors]. The merge request will usually be completed by Scopus within 2-4 weeks.


2. You can submit change requests for your Scopus Author Profile or on behalf of other researchers by using your sign-in credential. All the change requests can be submitted directly to Scopus via the Scopus interface. Before submitting any requests to Scopus, you have to create a Scopus account and sign in to Scopus.


3. Click on [Review request] if the information is correct.

4. Click on [Submit request] to confirm the change.