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Scopus Author Profile Refinement: 3. Review Publication List

Review your Publication List

You may review the publication list on your Profile to assess how accurate it is. If the publication list is quite complete, you may simply add the missing articles and remove articles wrongly assigned to your Profile.

If you have a lot of missing articles from your profile, Scopus may create multiple Profiles for you, and some of your articles may be assigned to those Profiles. You may conduct an author search and see if you can find other Profiles of you.

You may review your publication list on the 1) Scopus Author Profile, 2) Scopus search result page, or 3) in an Excel file.


1. Scopus Author Profile - the most convenient way

The publication list can be found on the Documents tab. You may sort the list by publication date, number of citation counts, name of the first author, and source/ journal title.


2. Scopus search result page

Viewing the publication list on Scopus allows you to use various filters and sorting criteria to analyze the list. This is useful, especially when you are familiar with the Scopus interface. To send the list to Scopus, click [View list in search results format] under the Documents tab. Under the Documents tab, 


3. Excel - for others to review

If you are editing the Profile on behalf of a professor, you may export the publication list into an Excel file and send the file to the professor for comment.

  • Click [Export all] under the Documents tab.


  • Select [CSV Excel] and [Citation information] to include all items.