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Covidence: A Tool For Systematic Review: Quality Assessment

Quality Assessment


(1) At “Extraction”, click “Continue”



Currently, Covidence only supports Risk of Bias assessment.  Reviewers will be asked to either start with the standard Cochrane Risk of Bias domains or they will be able to define a custom set of domains.


(2) The first reviewer starts to assess the quality of each study.




(3) After the first reviewer completes the assessment of all included studies, the status will be displayed:


(4) After all reviewers complete the quality assessment, they will see a comparison of the assessment to a study.




For more information on Quality Assessment, please refer to Covidence’s Help:

Quality Assessment

Overview of Quality Assessment 1.0

Start an assessment

Customise the Risk of Bias domains

Start assessing by reading and annotating the PDF

Finishing your assessment

Comparing reviewer assessments

Viewing other assessments


Instructional Video: Quality Assessment / Risk of Bias in Covidence

Instructional Video: Customising your Quality Assessment

Instructional Video: Completing QA consensus

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