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Covidence: A Tool For Systematic Review: Screen References

Screen References

(1) After all references have been imported into Covidence, reviewers can start reviewing the references.


Each reviewer casts a vote with either “Yes”, “No” or “Maybe” to each reviewed reference.



(2) After the reviewers review the references, the following “Review Summary” is displayed.



(3) References with all reviewers cast  “Yes” or “Maybe” will be moved to “Full text screening”; references with all reviewers cast “No” will be moved to “Irrelevant”; those references without consensus will be moved to “Resolve Conflicts”



(4) Resolve Conflicts

Click “Resolve Conflicts” in the “Review Summary”

The references with conflict will be displayed.  Cast a vote of “Yes”, “No”, “Maybe” to these references.


(5) Full Text Screening

Before "Full text screening", upload the PDF to each reference:



Click “Add full text”. At the dialogue box, browse for the file to be uploaded.

Reviewers can now read the full text of the studies for Include/Exclude decision making.



Reviewers can start to “Include” or “Exclude” the studies for systematic review.

For excluded studies, reviewers need to give a reason why they are excluded.

If no applicable reason found from the list, reviewers can add customized reasons.

Continue to finish the “Include” or “Exclude” process for all selected studies.



For more information on Screening References, please refer to Covidence’s Help:


Screening by title and abstract

Full text review

Resolving conflicts


Highlighting keywords

Creating and viewing inclusion criteria

Customizing reasons for exclusion at Full Text stage

How to undo a vote

Voting "Maybe"



Instructional Video: Screening Titles & Abstracts

Instructional Video: Screening features

Instructional Video: Resolving conflicts

Instructional Video: Uploading single PDFs to Covidence

Instructional Video: Full Text Review screening

Instructional Video: Undoing votes in Covidence

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