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Altmetrics: Impactstory



Unlike Altmetric and PlumX, Impactstory provides a profile for researchers to showcase the online impact of their research outputs.  

Impactstory primarily gathers works with DOIs. It provides the underlying qualitative data on who is talking about your work in popular social media. The work on your ORCID profile can be displayed in your Impactstory.

You may register for a free personal account with your Twitter account at

Impactstory Profile

Below is an example profile.  

A profile contains four tabs: Overview, Achievements, Timeline, and Publications. The Overview shows the summary of the other three tabs. 


Achievements are qualitative indicators of four aspects:  

  • Buzz: the amount of discussion around your research outputs
  • Engagement: the quality of discussion and types of audience
  • Openness: the level of openness of your research
  • Fun: this is not something very serious…


Timeline lists all online mentions in chronological order.


Publications show your research output with links to the relevant online mentions.