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Altmetrics: Altmetric



Altmetric or is one of the major altmetrics data providers.

Altmetric use the unique identifier of the research output and mention in a source to track the online activities,

Unique Identifiers

  • The most commonly used identifier for articles is DOIs. Altmetric also tracks arXiv ID, PubMed ID, SSRN ID, RePEc ID, ISBN, and the like.


  • Altmetric can track online mentions in public policy documents, blogs, social media, Wikipedia, patents, YouTube, mainstream media, dimensions citations, and online reference managers. But Altmetric may not be able to track the online activities of all research outputs. For details, please visit

Altmetric Details Page

The details page shows a summary and all online mentions of the research output. 

At the top of the record, you will find the bibliographical information of the work. The tabs display the qualitative details from different source types. You can click on a mention and see the full content in its original contexts.



On the left-upper corner, the donut and attention score provides a quantitative indicator. The score shows the amount of attention received by this work compared with others.
On the left-lower corner, the summary counts show the number of mentions for each source type.


Where to find Altmetric Details

You can find publications and their altmetrics in the free version of Dimensions by Digital Science.

The publication types include articles, preprints, proceedings, books, edited books, and book chapters.

  • Go to Dimensions
  • Search a publication of interest by using the search box


  • Find the Altmetric summary under the publication and click the Altmetric icon for the details.    


  • Find the Altmetric Details page.

Altmetric Bookmarklet is a browser plug-in for Chrome, Safari, and Firefox, which allows you to find out the Altmetric details on your publications and publications of interest. 

  • Fill in the form and Install the Bookmarklet to your bookmarks toolbar.
  • Visit an article with a DOI in your browser.
  • Click the “Altmetric it!” icon in your bookmarks toolbar, and you will see the donut. Please note that only articles with a DOI and indexed in Altmetric have such details.

  • Click the donut to visit the Altmetric Details page for the qualitative data.



This short video shows you how to use the Altmetric Bookmarklet:

The Altmetric Badge looks like a donut. It can be embedded in individual profiles, publisher websites, and institutional repositories free of charge.

You can find the donut on a research output page in the CUHK Research Portal and some publisher websites as Cambridge Core, Springer Nature, and PLOS. PLOS has a page dedicated to curating all outputs with altmetrics from Altmetric

Below is an example of the Altmetric Badge in the CUHK Research Portal. By clicking the donut, you will access the Altmetric details page of the research output. 

For more information, please refer to