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Altmetrics: Altmetric


Altmetric Explorer

  • Create an account HERE. Please use your CUHK email domain for registration.
  • Verify your account by clicking the link sent to your CUHK email.
  • Login HERE.
  • The entry page shows all information available on the Altmetric Explorer. 

  • You can search by quick search or advance search.
  • Click [Quick Search] in the upper-right corner

  • Enter a search term in the search box, e.g. an article name, DOI, journal name, keyword

  • Select one of the suggested options

  • See the results

The result page comprises Highlights (default), Research Outputs, Timeline, Demographics, Mentions, Mention Sources, and Journals.


The example below means 1,039 research outputs retrieved by my search criteria. Of those, 614 research outputs have been mentioned in sources tracked by Altmetric 3,194 times in total.  


Research Outputs

You can find all research outputs retrieved by the search criteria. The research outputs can be sorted by the Altmetric Attention Score, publication date, or many other options. The Altmetric Attention Score, within the donut, quantifies the amount of attention that a research output has received. 



Click on a research output to see the Altmetric Detail Page for all details for an individual research output.

The summary tab displays the publication details. Other tab options show the qualitative details from different source types. You can click on a mention and see the full qualitative textual content.


For the aggregated Altmetric details for all research output in the result list, please select other tabs. Timeline, Demographics, Mentions, and Mention Sources offer filters by online source, time range, and region and provide different graphical presentations. Journals show the breakdown of online sources by journal titles.


  • Click [Edit Search]

  • The advanced search offers a lot of different search options, such as ORCID, publisher, DOI prefix, journal, and funder.
    • Click HERE for all function details.

  • If you want to search for all research outputs of a person, research center, department, or faculty, please search by [Scholarly Identifiers].

  • Enter a list of DOIs of publications by a person, research center, department, or faculty, one identifier per line, up to 25,000 identifiers, and click [Save].

  • Click [Run Search] at the bottom.

  • See the results


If you want to save searches and create reports, please create an account and login first.

Where to find Altmetric Details outside the Explorer

You can find publications and their altmetrics in the free version of Dimensions by Digital Science.

The publication types include articles, preprints, proceedings, books, edited books, and book chapters.

  • Go to Dimensions
  • Search a publication of interest by using the search box


  • Find the Altmetric summary under the publication and click the Altmetric icon for the details.    


  • Find the Altmetric Details page.

Altmetric Bookmarklet is a browser plug-in for Chrome, Safari, and Firefox, which allows you to find out the Altmetric details on your publications and publications of interest. 

  • Fill in the form and Install the Bookmarklet to your bookmarks toolbar.
  • Visit an article with a DOI in your browser.
  • Click the “Altmetric it!” icon in your bookmarks toolbar, and you will see the donut. Please note that only articles with a DOI and indexed in Altmetric have such details.


  • Click the donut to visit the Altmetric Details page for the qualitative data.



This short video shows you how to use the Altmetric Bookmarklet:

The Altmetric Badge looks like a donut. It can be embedded in individual profiles, publisher websites, and institutional repositories free of charge.

You can find the donut on a research output page in the CUHK Research Portal and some publisher websites as Cambridge Core, Springer Nature, and PLOS. PLOS has a page dedicated to curating all outputs with altmetrics from Altmetric

Below is an example of the Altmetric Badge in the CUHK Research Portal. By clicking the donut, you will access the Altmetric details page of the research output. 

For more information, please refer to

Online Training

An Introduction to Altmetric was conducted in Nov 2023. HERE.

How to write impact statement with Altmetric data was conducted in Feb 2024. HERE.

Please visit Altmetric YouTube Channel for more video tutorials.

Altmetric Sources

Altmetric tracks a range of sources for mentions of research outputs. For details, please click HERE.