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The Library has a new “ReadingList” tool, that aims to make it easy and engaging to create, access, and manage reading lists. Staff can build, maintain, and share reading lists on Blackboard; librarians can provide resources more efficiently and scale up to support more courses, and more importantly, students can access all course materials in one place. 

What is ReadingList?

Highlights of this tool -- ReadingList include:

  • Easy to use: structured, annotated reading lists that are easy to share and maintain
  • Intuitive user interface that could be available on any device
  • Save faculty time through workflows for creating, sharing, and maintaining lists year after year
  • Identification of Library holdings: automatic identification of resources that the library owns or is already subscribing to; maximizing the use of library-owned resources
  • Reading lists that can include all material types, including dynamic linking to full texts
  • Potential to improve copyright compliance
  • Interactive: interface for students to share feedback and suggest items

For enquiries, please contact your Faculty Liaison Librarian.


Login from Blackboard

Login from Blackboard and create a reading list for your course.


View and annotating citations details

Annotate the details of your reading list citations. e.g. Communicate with Library or write public notes for students.


Reuse a reading list

Reuse a reading list to another course.


Usage report

View student usage reports and see how engaged they are.


Add citations via LibrarySearch

Search via LibrarySearch and other resources for titles to add as citations to your course's reading list.


Sending reading lists to the Library

Send the completed list to the Library for processing, including handling of any requests you may have placed on items.


Associate reading list with courses

Associate an existing List with a course in the Academic Year.


Add citations from web via Cite It!

Install the "Cite It!" widget on your browser toolbar, and use it to easily add citations from the web.


Publishing a reading list for students

Publish your reading list to make it available for students, and optionally share it with guests.


Copyright Issues

What you need to know about Copyright and your reading list.