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Library Guide for International Students: Home

Library Guide for International Students

Welcome to the CUHK Library!!

As an international students, you are not only new to the CUHK campus. You are also probably new to Hong Kong. This guide is intended to show you various resources you may find useful for getting familiar with the CUHK Library, the CUHK campus, and the city of Hong Kong as a whole.


On behalf of the CUHK Library, we extend our warmest welcomes to each and everyone of you. We hope to see you around inside different library building on- and off- the main campus, and please stop by our help desks and say Hi anytime.


New Resources

Interacting Across Cultures (IAC) - Home and Abroad (IACHA)

Interacting Across Cultures: Home and Abroad





Student Survival Skills

The Student Survival Skills Hub offers answers to the questions that face all students. With loads of free to content to download and short articles addressing key topics, its aim is to help students through their time at university and beyond. 

Resources available in the CUHK Library

Like every other newly admitted students in CUHK, the library not only act as a popular meeting place for international and local students, there are also a lot of services and resources available to you.

Library's "Get Started" Guide

This guide lists out all the basic information about the CUHK Library for new students to get familiar to the Library.

Library Orientation

To make a good start for your studies, join in a Library Orientation session at the beginning of each academic year..

Learn more about LibrarySearch

LibrarySearch provides one stop searching for accessing and requesting various resources across the eight JULAC libraries. Learn how to find various kinds of library materials on this guide.

Locations of the Libraries

Libraries are great and popular meeting places. It is also important for you to know that different libraries in on- and off-campus locations house books by different subjects.

Subject Librarians

Once classes begin, you may need to find and read a lot of research materials for your courses. CUHK Library has Subject Librarians who will be able to show you how found these subject based resources efficiently.

General Study Skills

Basic university students survival techniques - Do you needed to make your time more efficient? Do you need more information resources for your project? Or do you need some tips on how to deliver your presentation? This guide will point you to a range of information and links to relevant and useful sources. 

Research Skills

This is a guide to some of the most important electronic resources related to Basic Research Skills

Library Collections

Use this webpage to get to know your Subject Collections and our featured collections. Our Special Collections, providing original and unique resources focused primarily on Chinese and Hong Kong studies, Chinese rare and semi-rare books, to modern literary archives and manuscripts. Our Digitised Repository contains over 5 million digital images/objects to support teaching and learning.


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