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Systematic Review

This guide aims to provide tools and resources that can be used for conducting a systematic review in medical and health sciences.

Tools for Creating Risk of Bias Figures

robvis is a web app designed to for visualizing risk-of-bias assessments performed as part of a systematic review.

Evaluate the Strength of Evidence

Mixed Methods Studies

Mixed Methods Appraisal Tool (MMAT) - a critical appraisal tool that is designed for the appraisal stage of systematic mixed studies reviews, i.e., reviews that include qualitative, quantitative and mixed methods studies.

Qualitative Research

Appraising Studies

At this stage, you have to carry out an assessment of the risk of bias in each included study. This process is called Critical Appraisal, or known as "quality assessment" or "risk of bias assessment."  This page lists out the critical appraisal tools/checklists for the following types of study design: 

  • randomized controlled trials,
  • non-randomized controlled trials,
  • qualitative & qualitative research,
  • mixed methods studies,
  • prognostic studies,
  • diagnostic accuracy studies,
  • and systematic reviews.

Randomized Controlled Trials

Non-Randomized Controlled Trials

Prognostic Studies

Diagnostic Accuracy