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Support for Online Learning and Teaching: Teaching Support

Print to e-Copy Service

E-copy request

CUHK Library has rolled out a new service whereby staff and students can request an e-copy of an existing library print book to be purchased if the e-copy is available. Eligible user may submit e-copy recommendation via the LibrarySearch.

1. Login at LibrarySearch.

2. Search for the print book.

3. Click the “E-copy request” link under Get It section of the library book record.

4. Fill out the recommendation form.

5. Email notification will be sent to the user advising whether the e-copy recommendation can be fulfilled.

Digital Course Packs

Digital Course Packs

Teachers may apply for a Digital Course Pack to digitise parts of print-only books and upload it to the ReadingList or BlackBoard. The Library’s Copyright Clearing Office (CCO) will liaise with the Hong Kong Reprographic Rights Licensing Society (HKRRLS) to obtain permission for digitising copyrighted materials for online learning.


  • The copyright clearing fee is HK$1.05 per page for each student. The full cost is paid by the department/ faculty.
  • Each digital course pack can only include extracts from not more than 30 copyrighted materials.
  • Each extract cannot comprise more than ten percent or a chapter of a book.
  • Requests of extracts of more than 10% or one chapter of a book may be possible dependent on negotiations with HKRRLS and the publishers they represent. Applications will be considered case by case.  
  • A course pack application is only valid during the duration of a course (e.g., one semester). A new application is required for the next cohort of students. 

Application Procedure:

  1. Complete the Application Form (FC-1) & Table of Contents (FC-2), and then submit them to CCO by email.
  2. Upon notification of successful application, you can digitise the materials and upload them to the ReadingList or BlackBoard together with a completed Cover Page (FC-1, Attachment B) for the digital course pack.
  3. After confirming the number of students, complete and send the Record of Course Pack Production (FC-3) and the Cover Page (FC-1, Attachment B) to the CCO by email.
  4. You will receive the "Interdepartmental Transfer Form" from the CCO for payment arrangement.

Signatures in the application forms can be replaced by email endorsement of relevant teaching staff or faculties in case of difficulties in getting signatures on hard copy.

Contact Information:

Copyright Clearing Office, CUHK Library

Tel: 3943 9732


Address: Research Support, 1/F University Library, The Chinese University of Hong Kong Library



The ReadingList enables teaching staff to create dynamic reading lists for students, providing them with direct links to reading/viewing materials both in the library and online.

Staff can build, maintain, and share reading lists on Blackboard; librarians can provide resources more efficiently and scale up to support more courses, and more importantly, students can access all course materials in one place. 

Check out how to create your Reading List for the students or contact your Faculty Liaison Librarian.