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Sports Education: Quick Guide

Virtual Library Tour

Chung Chi College Elisabeth Luce Moore Library

In the virtual tour, you will see the slow rotation of the photos of Chung Chi Library.

Location Map

Books on education subjects are mainly housed on the first floor of the Chung Chi College Library.

Quick Guide

The following table lists the call number of books of various sports education categories located at the Chung Chi Library.

Please note the table only lists out the major scope of particular categories. Other related books and e-books subscribed by the Library need to be located via the LibrarySearch.

     Physical education and training      GV201 - 555
     School and college athletics.
     Intramural and  Interscholastic athletics
     GV346 - 351.5
     Physical education facilities.
     Sports facilities
     Including gymnasiums, 
     athletic fields,playgrounds, etc.
     GV401 - 433
     Physical measurements.
     Physical tests,etc.
     GV435 - 436.7
     Gymnastics. Gymnastic exercises  
     Including calisthenics,
     heavy  exercises, acrobatics, etc.
     GV460 - 555
     Sports      GV557 -1198.995
     Coaching      GV711
     Athletic contests. Sports events      GV712 - 725
     Water sports:Canoeing,sailing,yachting,
     scuba diving,etc.
     GV770.3 - 840
     Winter sports: Ice hockey, skiing,
     bobsledding, snowmobiling, etc.
     GV840.7 - 857
     Ball games: Baseball, football, golf,
     GV861 - 1017
     Cycling. Bicycling. Motorcycling      GV1040 - 1060.4
     Track and field athletics      GV1060.5 - 1098
     Games and amusements      GV1199 - 1570


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