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Philosophy: Reference Highlights

New Books

Levinas and the Torah : a phenomenological approach

Alienated wisdom : enquiry into Jewish philosophy and scepticism

A philosophical approach to creation process : Our Lady of the Lamp

Philosophy of language, Chinese language, Chinese philosophy: constructive engagement

Skill and mastery : philosophical stories from the Zhuangzi

Apeiron : Anaximander on Generation and Destruction

The philosophy of creative solitudes

Studies in early Greek philosophy : a collection of papers and one review

Aesthetics Equals Politics : New Discourses Across Art, Architecture, and Philosophy

An introduction to the philosophy of time

Li Zehou and Confucian philosophy

The end of infinity : where mathematics and philosophy meet

Historical dictionary of Hume's philosophy

An illustrated brief history of western philosophy : 20th anniversary edition 

徒步大不列顛 : 穿越2500英里的哲學之旅

情動於中 : 生死愛慾的哲學思考


Annual & Index

Bibliography & Book Review