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Journal Metrics: Scopus

Journal Metrics in Scopus

CiteScore is similar to the Journal Impact Factor, which is the average number of citations received per document in the publication. CiteScore takes into account of a 4-year period. 


Source Normalized Impact per Paper (SNIP)
As citation behavior differs across different disciplines, CiteScore should not be used to compare publications from different subject areas. Unlike CiteScore, Source Normalized Impact per Paper (SNIP) allows comparison of publications in different subject disciplines because it counts contextual citation impact and is weighted by the total number of citations in a subject area. SNIP is the ratio of average citation count per paper and takes into account a 3-year period. 


SCImago Journal Rank (SJR)
SCImago Journal Rank (SJR) considers the prestige of a journal. The value of a citation is based on the subject field, quality, and reputation of the citing journal. In other words, a citation from a top journal has a higher weight than a citation from a less prestigious journal. SJR also considers the citation behavior differences among disciplines. It allows comparison of publications of different subject fields and takes into account a 3-year period. 

Publication List in Scopus

You can browse a list of journals, books, and conference proceedings on the Scopus Sources. You may search a publication list by subject area and publisher. If you have a particular journal in mind, you may search by title and ISSN too. Please find the steps below: 

Access the Scopus Sources

  • Access Scopus at Here. And Click Sources.


Search by Subject area, Title, Publisher, and ISSN

  • The default is the Subject Area search. You can expand the arrow for other options. 


  • For the subject area search, you may search by keyword or place the cursor at the “Enter Subject Area” field to browse the subjects and sub-categories.  


  • The publication list is ranked by CiteScore. To change the ranking criteria, click on the indicator you want to use. You may also apply filters on the left-hand side.  

Note: You may apply the "Display only Open Access journal" filter if needed. 


Publication Profile

You can find the publication details, assigned subject areas, journal metrics, documents citing the publication, and published documents on the Source Details page. 

  • Click the title of a source


  • Find the Source Details page


Scopus is one of the world’s leading citation databases of peer-reviewed research output. You may have experienced searching literature in Scopus. You can also find publication lists by subject areas ranked by different journal metrics.