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Journal Metrics: Google Scholar

Journal Metrics in Google Scholar


H5-index is calculated based on the articles published by a journal in the last five years. This h is the highest number of articles that have been cited h times during the period. For example, a journal has an h5-index of 50 meaning that 50 of its articles published in the last five years have been at least cited 50 times each. 

H5-median is the median number of citations for the articles that compose the h5-index of a journal. 

Publication List

You can find the top 100 publications HERE in English. You can also

  • Select other available languages at the upper right corner


  • Select Categories to browse publications in a broad area (available for English publications only)


  • Select a category, e.g. Business, Economics & Management, to browse publications in a subcategory (available for English publications only)

Publication Profile

You can find which articles in a publication have been cited the most as well as their citing articles. 

  • Click on the h5-index number of a publication to find more information.



  • Find the article list ranked by times cited.  


  • Click on the number Cited by to find the citing articles (who has cited this article). 



Google Scholar Metrics

Google Scholar is a widely used search engine for scholarly publications. It also provides Google Scholar Metrics. Publications are arranged by language and research category. The journal metrics used are h5-index and h5-median.