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Geography and Resource Management: Quick Guide

Citing References - APA

APA (American Psychological Association) style is one of the common citation styles for referencing:

  • APA Style Guide from Purdue Online Writing Lab
    The resource provides the American Psychological Association (APA) citation and format style. It contains resources on in-text citation and the References page, as well as APA sample papers, slide presentations, and the APA classroom poster.
  • You may also read the Citation style recommendations / guidelines for other disciplines from the University.

Related Subjects

Geography relates to many aspects of the Earth.  Thus a wide range of subjects are related to Geography study.  Click on the subject name to locate related items. 

The following table lists the call number of books of various Geography and Resource Management categories in the Library. The books are mainly housed on the second and fourth floor of the University Library (Location of Collections | the static map)

Please note: the table only lists out the major scope of particular categories. Other related books and e-books subscribed by the Library need to be located via the LibrarySearch.


Major Subject LC Class
Geography (General) G1 - 922
Geographic Information Systems G70.212-G70.215
Methodology -- Statistical Methods G70.3
Methodology -- Remote Sensing, Aerial Photography, Photographic Interpretation G70.39-G70.6, GB656.2R44, S494.5R4,TR810
Travel. Voyages and Travels G149-180
Atlases, Globes & Maps G1001 - 9980
Mathematical Geography & Cartography GA1 - 1776
Physical Geography GB3 - 5030
Geomorphology. Landforms. Terrain, Engineering Geology GB400 - 649, TA705
Hydrology. Water GB651-2998
Oceanography GC1 - 1581
Environmental Sciences GE1 - 350
Human Ecology. Anthropogeography (Incl. Human Geography) GF1 - 900
Demography. Population. Vital events HB848 - 3697
Natural Resources HC1 - 1085.2
Natural Resources -- Shenzhen, China HC428.S55
Land Use HD101 - 1395
Urban Geography HT165.5 - 395
Meteorology & Climatology QC851 - 999
Geology QE1 - 996.5
Nature conservation. Landscape protection. Biodiversity conservation. Endangered species and ecosystems. Habitat conservation. Ecosystem management. Conservation biology QH75-77
Ecology QH540-549.5
Agricultural Geography S439 - 494.5.G46
Soils S590 - 599.9
Conservation of Natural Resources S900 - 972.22
Forestry SD1 - 668
Environmental Protection and Pollution TD1 - 1066

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