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Data Visualisation and Digital Scholarship Research: Useful Websites & Datasets

Data Visualisation Guides

Data Visualisation Resources

Databases Subscribed by CUHK Library

CUHK Library has subscribed 30 databases for CUHK Community use on economic and social data, such as Country Data China, Europa World, Global Health Observatory. These would be useful for spatial-temporal analysis with GIS applications.

Useful Datasets


  • World Bank Open Data
    World Bank has established a huge database of global development statistics, which allows open access for all.
  • Socioeconomic Data and Applications Center (SEDAC)
    Established by N.A.S.A., SEDAC hopes to serve as an "information gateway" between earth sciences and social sciences". It provides more than 202 datasets and 40 data collections on different issues of Human Geography such as agriculture, urban development and global poverty.   
  • The Humanitarian Data Exchange (HDX)
    Since 2014, the HDX project has established an open-source platform to facilitate humanitarian data exchange and usage. Until now, the project has offered 4,396 datasets, from 244 locations and 840 sources, for data analysis. After setting up an account, users can upload their datasets to the HDX repository.  

Mainland China

  • National Bureau of Statistics of China
    ​This is the official website of National Bureau of Statistics of China. While users can access the latest national statistics of China through the website, there is also a Data Visualization Gallery presenting Chinese socio-economic data in creative ways. 
  • China Biographical Database Project (CBDB)
    Developed by Harvard University, CBDB is a free database that provides biographical information of more than 360,000 individuals in Chinese history from 7th to 19th century. The data in CBDB is useful for socio-statistical-spatial analysis as well as biographical reference. 


Hong Kong

    This website provides the official data source from the HKSAR Government covering different aspects of Hong Kong's urban landscape such as population, climate, employment and labour, social welfare.
  • Census and Statistics Department, HKSAR
    Census and Statistics Department of the HKSAR Government provides different datasets on Hong Kong Statistics, such as population, employment rate, median hours of work. The data can be downloaded to excel and csv formats.