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Data Visualisation and Digital Scholarship Research: Selected Projects

Digital Scholarship projects employing different types of data visualisation techniques help researchers discover hidden messages in data.

Planar Visualisation (GIS Mapping)

Daoist Digital Museum
This first "Daoist Digital Museum" in the world that was established in 2015 was developed by Prof. Lai Chi-Tim of the Chinese University of Hong Kong. The Digital Museum is the result of a long effort aimed at digitalising, computerising and integrating the results of his academic research on Daoism in Guangdong.

The SpatioEpi project is maintained by Stanley Ho Centre for Emerging Infectious Diseases, School of Public Health of the Chinese University of Hong Kong.  The research team has published a series of choropleths and dot distribution maps to raise the social awareness on public health and environmental issues.

Network Visualisation

The Atlantic History Seminar Analysis 
The Atlantic History Seminar Analysis is a project conducted by the Center for History and Economics of Harvard University in visualising the social network of the Atlantic History Seminar from 1996 to 2010 by analyzing participants’ background information. Gephi is being used in creating the node-link diagram.


Martin Grandjean's Project Collections 
Martin Grandjean is a researcher in contemporary history at the University of Lausanne. He has worked on various projects regarding network visualisation and published on his web sites, such as an animated project on global air traffic network and a network mapping project on the Digital Humanities Community on Twitter.

Other Types of Visualisation

Flowing Data's The Best Data Visualisation Projects
The Best Data Visualisation Projects of 2016 by Flowing Data is a collection of excellent data visualisation projects, with different visualisation tools, done by researchers across the globe.


New York Times Interactive Stories (Rio 2016)
"New York Times Interactive Stories" uses the visualisation techniques, infographics, to tell the stories of Rio Olympics with interesting facts and data.


"AwardPuzzle is an interactive data visualisation online platform for award-winning tips of China National Exhibition of Fine Arts, and it is also a method to understand current ideology of China." (From: Users can play with the graphics with different visualisation effect.

HKUST VisNexus
The site lists the research projects from VisLab, a visualization group at the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.  

The group explores topics that help to address the needs in understanding complex relations among various data entities with novel and insightful visualization and analysis techniques.

HKUST VisNexus