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Data Visualisation and Digital Scholarship Research: Learning Resources

Learn Data Visualisation in Videos

Designing Data Visualizations​ - O'Reilly Media Webcast

Date: 2011.09.07

This is a online lecture given by O'Reilly Media Webcast on how to design data visualisation.


Uber Engineering: Data Visualization at Uber - Uber Engineering

Date: 2016.12.09

The video is the presentation made by software engineer Shan He. The presentation demonstrates the interesting case of Uber in using data visualisation in business world.


The Beauty of Data Visualization - David McCandless - TED-ed

Date: 2012.11.23

This video documents a public lecture given by David Candless, a prominent data-journalist on good design of data visualisation and how it can change the way we observe the world.

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