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ReadingList: 09 Usage report


In this section, you will learn how to view student usage reports.

Login to Blackboard and you will see a list of courses. Click on the course that you would like to view the reports for. image

Under the course page, on the left hand side menu, you will see the "Reading List" link listed under "Library"​.

Click the link "Reading List" it will bring you to the ReadingList platform.

Click "REPORTS" on the left.


Remarks: If you encounter the below login screen, please click the "FIND LISTS" button and click the "REPORTS" button to try again.



By default, you will see the "Analysis" page. Overall reading list usage and weekly breakdown will be shown. Select which course and reading list to view.

Usage information includes: Number of Full Text Views; Number of Discussions; Number of Read it; and Number of Likes etc.

You can export the usage reports to an Excel spreadsheet via the Page Option menu > Export to Excel > and selecting Current Page or Entire Dashboard.



Under the "Usage" tab, you can see a more detailed analysis of student usage for each list.

The List Name field is marked-up, this allows you to drill down and see the usage breakdown by Reading List Section, Citations, Citation Types.