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ReadingList: 07 Associate reading list with courses


In this section, you will learn how to associate an existing reading list with a course in the new Term or Academic Year.

Case: An instructor teaches the same course: LIB1111 - Leganto Training Course in 2019/20 and 2020/21. The reading list stays the same and the instructor wants to re-use it in the new academic year.

Login to Blackboard and go to the "Courses" page.


Click on the new course that you want to create a reading list for. For example, LIB1111 - Leganto Training Course (Year 2020).



Under the course page, on the left hand side menu, you will see the "Reading List" link listed under "Library"​.

Click the link "Reading List" it will bring you to the ReadingList platform.

If the Library has created a Course Reserves list for this course, you can skip the next 3 steps.

This is the welcome screen with instructions on how to create your first list. Note, if your course does not yet exist here (if you didn't provide course reserve list to the Library), you can create it on the fly.

Specify the Course Name, Start/End Dates, Number of Participants and Discipline. Click "CREATE" to create the Course.


After the Course is created, you can click “Leave this page and explore the application”.



Then you will see a screen similar to the right, with warning message. 

Next click the “X” to see all your lists (including the reading list you want to copy from) instead of limiting to this course.

image Click the ellipsis “” of the desired list and select "Duplicate List". The list is duplicated.
You will see a new list is created. Please note its status is DRAFT so it is not visible to anyone yet. Click on list. image
image You can edit the list title, description and update the citations.
Click option "..." and then select "Manage course association". image

It shows that the list is currently associated with old course (i.e. the 2019 one). You want to keep this list associated with the old course.

To associate this List with the new course (i.e. 2020), click the drop down list and select the new course.

Select the desired one and click "ASSOCIATE & CLOSE". image
image Next you can click "X" to exit the screen and go back to Blackboard.

Now the "Reading List" link is visible to students.