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ReadingList: 1.1 Login from Blackboard and create a reading list (Course Reserves list not provided to the Library)


In this section, you will learn how to create a reading list. (For instructors who have not provided a Course Reserves List to the Library)

Login to Blackboard and you will see a list of courses.

Click on "More info", you can see the ID for this course in Blackboard. i.e. “LIB-LEGANTO-TEST” in this example. Normally it is something like “2019R1-ARCH2321”.

Click on the course that you would like to create a "Reading List" for. Ensure that it is in "Edit Mode" otherwise you cannot see the hidden link "Reading List".




Under the course page, on the left hand side menu, you will see the "Reading List" link listed under "Library"​.

Click the link "Reading List" it will bring you to the ReadingList platform.

This is the welcome screen with instructions on how to create your first list. Note, if your course does not yet exist here (if you didn't provide a course reserve list to the Library), you can create it on the fly.

Specify the Course Name, Start/End Dates, Number of Participants and Discipline. Click "CREATE" to create the Course.

image After the Course is created, create the reading list by clicking "CREATE IT".
Input the reading list title and description. Then click "CREATE". image
image You will be asked if you would like to use a pre-defined template for the new list. Click "Blank" if you want to start fresh.

This is how to create a reading list associate with your course.

You can edit the list details by clicking the "EDIT" button.

Each list is divided into sections, which can represent weeks, semesters, topic divisions etc. To add a section, click "NEW SECTION".


Enter the title* of the section and optional descriptions. Add the start and end dates if Course Reserves are embedded (e.g. Term dates). Click "CREATE" when completed.

*Naming convention: Use course code first, follow by course name. For example, SLPA5201 Research Methodology and Evidence Based Appraisal for Speech Language Pathology.

You can always edit the section's details by clicking Options > Edit Section.

You can easily change the order of the sections by "click and drag".

Note: A Reading List goes through 3 main stages before students can see it: 

1. Adding items

2. Sending them to the Library for processing and 

3. Publishing the list for students

To see how to add citation to your list, click here.