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ReadingList: 02 Add citations via LibrarySearch


In this section, you will learn how to add citations via LibrarySearch and how to edit a citation.

To add a citation via LibrarySearch, click on the "+" icon. 



"Search Library Resources"  will appear on the right.

Search the citation by title, author, keyword or ISBN etc. and limit your search scopes with the "Search in" drop-down list.

For example, to add the book:  "How social science can help us make better choices" into the Reading List. Enter the ISBN and click search. The search results will display at the bottom and you can scroll down to see more.


Note that each citation has an availability status stating whether the citation is available in physical format or an electronic format.





Drag and drop to add the item to your list.

Alternatively, you can select the desired item. Select which "Section" you would like the item to go into and then click "ADD".

Please note, if you want to select a specific material type. (e.g. ebook), please select "ADD & EDIT" to specify the required material type.


The citation is now added to the desired section. image
image To edit a citation, go to options and select "Edit item" and click "SAVE" when finished.

If you need to remove an item from the list, go to options > "Delete item" and "DELETE".

Apart from adding citations from LibrarySearch, another way to add items is with the "Cite It!" toolbar widget. To learn more, click here.