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HTMG5007 Hospitality and Tourism Strategic Management: Search Factiva

Video: Identify Major Business Databases (0:19)

Search Company News under Search Builder

1. Click Search and go to Search Builder.

2. Enter the keywords, phrase with connectors and other search syntax if needed, e.g. AND, OR, NOT, truncation (*), etc. (The link Examples has explanation on the use of the syntax)

e.g. searching news of the company Coca-Cola in the Greater China region

i. Under the Company field, enter coca in the search box, select The Coca-Cola Company. The company code will be added to the Free Text search box.

Search screen of Factiva

ii. Under the Region field, select Greater China

Search company news in Factiva

Search Company Information under Companies/Markets

e.g. to search the company information of Coca-Cola:

1. Go to Companies/ Markets tab, select Company.

2. Under Smart Lookup, enter coca and then select The Coca-Cola Company from the drop-down menu.

3. The Company Snapshot will show up.


Search company information under Companies/Markets tab