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Government & Public Administration: Quick Guide

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Quick Guide

The following table lists the call number of books of various Government & Public Administration categories in the Library. The books are mainly housed on the third floor of the University Library (Location of Collections | the static map)

Please note: the table only lists out the major scope of particular categories. Other related books and e-books subscribed by the Library need to be located via the LibrarySearch.


Major Subject LC Class
Administrative law K3400 – 3431
Civil service JF1501 – 1521
Communication in public administration JF1525
Crisis management in government JF1525 – 2112
Decentralization in government JC348 – 497
Expenditures, Public HJ2005 – 2216
Intergovernmental cooperation, International relations JZ5 -6530
Internet in public administration JF1525
Local government JS39 – 5800
Political science JA1 – 92 
Political theory. The state JC11 – 605
Public finance HJ9 - 9940

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