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Accounting & Tax: Quick Guide

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Quick Guide



The following table lists the call number of books of various Accounting and Tax categories in the Library. The books are mainly housed on the third floor of the University Library (Location of Collections | the static map)

Please note: the table only lists out the major scope of particular categories. Other related books and e-books subscribed by the Library need to be located via the LibrarySearch.



Major Subject

LC Class


HF 5601 – 5689

Accounting - examinations, questions, etc


Accounting - study and teaching



HF5667 - 5668.25

Cost accounting

HF5686 C8

Disclosure in accounting



HG1 – 9999

Finance, Public

HJ9701 – 9995

Financial management

HG4001 - 4280.7

Financial statements

HF5681 B2

Managerial accounting



HJ2240 - 7395



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VeriGuide for CUHK

Image of the VeriGuide website

VeriGuide is a system to check similarities on documents from different sources to uphold academic honesty. Using this site, students could turn in their course assignments, and course lecturers could check the submission status.

Honesty in Academic Work: A Guide for Students and Teachers

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