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ORCID: Sign in with CUHK Login

Sign into ORCID with Institutional Credentials

Remembering all our sign in details for the different systems we use can be a challenge for us. To solve this problem, you may sign into your ORCID with your CUHK Login. After your ORCID and CUHK accounts are linked, you can use CUHK login details to access and manage your ORCID records. You may follow the steps below to pair the two accounts. 

  Go to Sign in and click "Access through your institution".


  Type "The Chinese University of Hong Kong" or select it from the dropdown menu, and click "CONTINUE".


  Enter your CUHK Login details and click "Sign in"


  Enter your ORCID sign in details and click "Sign in and link your The Chinese University of Hong Kong account" to complete the process


  If you do not have an ORCID, click "Register now" and follow the onscreen instructions to register a new linked ORCID record.


To unlink the CUHK and ORCID accounts

If you lose access to CUHK Login in the future, you can still sign into your ORCID with your ORCID account details. You can always reset your password as long as you can access the email account listed in your ORCID account settings.

◾ You may unlink your CUHK and ORCID accounts by clicking "Account Settings"

◾ Under the Security section, find "Alternate sign in accounts", and click "". Click "Unlink account " to confirm.