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What is a Scopus Author Profile?

Scopus is a large abstract and citation database, covering 25,100 titles from more than 5,000 publishers (as of Jan 2020) including subject  fields of science, medicine, social science, technology, and arts and humanities.

Your Scopus Author Profile offers an overview of your publication history, times cited, and H-index. Scopus automatically prepares the Profile for you once your publications are indexed in Scopus. The information in your profile is extracted from the metadata of publication records and their reference lists. More about Scopus Author Profiles HERE

Can I send the publication list to ORCID?

You can send your publication list from Scopus Author Profile to your ORCID profile. Please refer to the ORCID Guide HERE

Other Researcher Profiles

You may also set up your researcher profile at other platforms:

Why do I need to correct my Scopus Author Profile?

If you want to get the accurate citation metrics of your publications based on Scopus, you may have to correct your Profile if necessary.

Scopus tries to group all your publications into a single Profile by using algorithms linking such information as author names, author affiliations, citations, abstracts, and references. However, the algorithms are not 100% correct, especially when your affiliations have been changed from time to time, or someone in your university shares a similar name and research interest with you.

How does a Scopus Author Profile look?

In the Scopus Author Profile, you can find the author details, including your Scopus Author ID, the history of affiliations, and name variations.



You can easily find the most updated number of times cited and h-index based on Scopus. You can also view the details of the documents, the citing documents, and the co-authors’ information.



You can also generate graphs showing distribution of documents by sources, types, or subjects.



If you want to save the page to a PDF, press "Ctrl + P", and print to PDF.

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