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Scopus Author Profile: Find and Update Scopus Author Profiles

Update your Scopus Author Profile

Scopus tries to group all your publications into a single Profile by using algorithms linking such information as author names, author affiliations, citations, abstracts, and references. However, the algorithms are not 100% correct, especially when your affiliations have been changed from time to time, or someone in your university shares a similar name and research interest with you.

If you want to get accurate citation metrics for your publications based on Scopus, you may have to correct your Profile as necessary.

How to find your Scopus Author Profile?

The following steps show you how to access Scopus and find your Profile. Some of you may have multiple Profiles and hence your publications are grouped under different Profiles. If this is the case, you can ask Scopus to merge them into a single one.

1. Go to the CUHK LibrarySearch

2. Select "E-Resources", enter "Scopus", and click the search icon


3. Click on the "Scopus" link. You will be prompted to the CUHK Login for off-campus campus.


4. Select "Authors" and enter your name.

In case you have worked in different universities, you may leave the affiliation field blank to retrieve all your profiles.


5. Select your Profile from the result list. If you have multiple Profiles, you may merge them by selecting the Profiles and then clicking "Request to merge authors". You will be prompted to sign in to Scopus to complete the request.


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