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EndNote X9 - a bibliographical management and documentation tool: Organizing your references in EndNote Desktop

The Basics

Search your saved references

  1. For simple search, type keyword in the Quick Search box at the top of the EndNote Library
  2. Click “show search panel” to perform advanced search

Edit your references

  1. Select the reference
  2. Click “Preview” to check if the reference information is correct
  3. Double click on the reference to edit

Remove duplicate

  1. Select “References" > "Find Duplicates
  2. Duplicates will be shown
  3. Click “Keep This Record” for the version you would like to keep
  4. To perform action in bulk, click “Cancel” to review all highlighted duplicates

Note: By default, duplicates result is based on Author, Year, Title and Reference Type. To change this setting, please go to “Edit" > "Preferences" > "Duplicates”.

Update your references

  1. Click the reference you would like to update
  2. Select “References" > "Find Reference Update
  3. Reference field that available for update would be highlight in blue
  4. Click “Update Empty Fields” or “Update All Fields of My Reference” to update your reference

Backup your references

  1. Select “File" > "Save a Copy
  2. Endnote will export a .enl file with a data folder


Custom Groups

  1. Select “Groups" > "Create Group
  2. Name your group
  3. Highlight references in your library and drag to the group

Smart Groups – Create a new group by setting up a search criteria

  1. Select “Groups" > "Create Smart Group
  2. Set your criteria/ filter/ setting
  3. References that match the setting will automatically added to the smart group

Combination Groups - Create a new group from different groups

  1. Select "Groups" > "Create from Groups
  2. Selects groups from your library
  3. Name your group and use “And, Or, Not” to apply your setting
  4. Click “Create

Create Group Sets

  1. Select “Groups" > "Create Group Set
  2. Name the Group Set
  3. Drag groups you would like to add under the new group set

Note:  Only custom groups can be synced to EndNote Web.