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Basic Life Sciences for Nurses: Anatomy



Key E-Resources

Mobile Apps Title

Visible Body Mobile Apps

For details of the installation procedure, please visit this page.

2020 Atlas Perpetual (New)

This is the 2020 version of Human Anatomy Atlas. It includes comprehensive male and female 3D gross anatomy models, select microanatomy of tissues and organs, cadaver slices and diagnostic images, and a new Augmented Reality Gross Anatomy Lab.

System requirements for iPhone/iPad and Android.

2018 Muscle Premium Perpetual (New)

This is the 2018 version of Muscle Premium. It includes true 3D models of hundreds of muscles, bones, ligaments, bursa and nerves, with a video series showing common pathologies and anatomy of muscle and bones.

For Organizations - 2016 Skeleton Premium

Skeleton Premium provides animations and illustrations that explain the anatomy and pathologies of bones, ligaments and synovial joints. (Size: 298 MB)

Grays Anatomy Student Edition

Gray's Anatomy, the renowned classic anatomical book first published in 1858, is now available on mobile devices using the highest resolution images possible.