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Business Database Guides: Thomson Reuters Eikon

Thomson Reuters Eikon

Thomson Reuters Eikon Workstation

The Thomson Reuters Eikon terminal (Workstation #1 on the first floor of the University Library) 


Thomson Reuters Eikon is the new version of DataStream Professional. It contains a wide range of financial data such as equities, equity indices, bonds, bond indices, futures, warrants, options, fundamental company accounts data, etc.

ACCESS TO Thomson Reuters Eikon:

Thomson Reuters Eikon is available in a standalone workstation on the first floor of the University Library (click here to access the static map)


Click on the Thomson Reuters Eikon icon to access the main database. 

Thomson Reuters Eikon icon

  1. In the search box on top of the screen, you can enter a keyword or a code to search.
  2. A list of relevant results is generated.
  3. Pinpoint the entry you need to go to the full record.

Thomson Reuters Eikon Search Bar

The HSBC Holdings PLC’s information screen contains company information, and core metrics and price performance. 

Note: No Real-time data for exchange traded instruments is available in our academic subscription. The delay time may be up to 15 minutes or several hours.

Thomson Reuters Search Results Screen



Click on the Excel Add-on icon to search historical data.

Thomson Reuters Eikon Excel icon

  1. In the Thomson Reuters Eikon Excel Add-on, click Thomson Reuters Datastream ;
  2. Select Time Series Request ;
  3. The Time Series Request search box pops up, enter the code in the search box under Series/List ;
  4. If you need to check the code of the search term(s), click Find Series button. The DFO Navigator pops up and you can enter the search term to find the code (under the symbol column) ;
  5. You can select datatypes, time range and display options if appropriate and click Submit button ;
  6. The data is exported to an Excel file.

Thomson Reuters Eikon Excel Time Series Request

Thomson Reuters Eikon Excel Time Series Request Search Screen

After clicking Find Series button, the DFO Navigator screen will pop up.

TR Eikon Excel DFO Navigator


TR Eikon Excel Result List

More information on Thomson Reuters Eikon is available at the websites of: