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Molecular Biology: E-Books

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E-Book Collections

E-books are book-length publications in digital form, consisting of text, images, or both, readable on computers or other mobile devices. Most e-book publishers provide options to  download or print certain portions of an e-book but some publishers only allow online viewing. 

Current protocols in molecular biology

edited by Ausubel FM et al. (2012)

Molecular and cellular physiology of neurons

edited by Fain GL et al. (2014), 2nd ed.


Essentials of molecular biology

by Malacinski GM & Freifelder D (1998), 3rd ed.



Molecular Biology Collection @ Ebook Central



Histology & cell biology: Examination & board review

by Douglas F. Paulsen (2022), 6th ed.


Molecular Biology Collection @ SpringerLink


Introduction to proteomics: Principles and applications

 by Mishra N (2010)


Molecular Biology Collection @ ScienceDirect


Molecular biology by Clark DP (2019), 3rd ed.



Cell & Molecular Biology Collection @ Wiley Online Library


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