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Physics: Quick Guide

Citing References - ACS

Quick Guide

Follow these classification numbers on the shelves at the University Library to find information on:

Major Subject

LC Class

Astronomy QB1 - 145
Conservation Laws (Physics) QC73
Cosmic Physics QC801 - 808
Cosmic Physics- Meteorology QC883
Electricity QC501 - 721
Electrons QC721
Field Theory (Physics) QC173 - 175
Fluids QC141 - 168
General Relativity QC6
Geophysics QC806
Gravitation QC178
Hydraulics TC160 - 179
Light QC350 - 495
Magnetism QC751 - 771
Mathematical Physics QC20
Matter QC171 - 197
Mechanics QC122 - 168
Meteorology QC851 - 999
Motion QC122 - 168
Optics QC350 - 467
Quantum Theory QC174