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Engineering: Quick Guide

Citing Reference

ACS Style Guide


APA (American Psychological Association) style

refers to the rules and conventions established by the American Psychological Association for documenting sources used in a research paper.

The Chicago Manual of Style Online

is completely searchable and easy to use, providing quick answers to your style and editing questions. The Q&A content is fully searchable along with the content of The Chicago Manual of Style. The Chicago Manual of Style Online also provides convenient Tools, such as sample forms, letters, and style sheets.


MLA (Modern Language Association) style

style is most commonly used to write papers and cite sources within the liberal arts and humanities.



Quick Guide

Follow these classification numbers on the shelves to find information on:

Major Subject LC Class
Cybernetics. Information Theory Q300-385
Computer Science. Electronic Data Processing QA75.5-76.95
Patents. Trademarks T201-342
Information Technology T58.5-58.64
Management Information Systems T58.6-58.62
Mechanical Drawing.  Engineering Graphics T351-385
Bioengineering TA164
Systems Engineering TA168
Engineering Economy TA177.4-185
Engineering Mathematics TA329-348
Mechanics of Engineering TA349-359
Mechanical Engineering and Machinery TJ1-1570
Electrical Engineering TK1-9971
Telecommunication TK5101-6720
Electronics TK7800-8360
Computer Engineering TK7885-7895
Production Management.  Operations Management  TS155-194
Handicrafts.  Arts and Crafts TT1-999



VeriGuide for CUHK

VeriGuide is a system to check similarities on documents from different sources to uphold academic honesty. Using this site, students could turn in their course assignments, and course lecturers could check the submission status.

Citation Styles - Information for Engineering

Citation Styles - Information for Engineering

(Source: Honesty in Academic Work: A Guide for Students and Teachers)


Computer Science and Engineering 

Society / Journal:

The University of Chicago

Electronic Engineering / Information Engineering

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Mechanical and Automation Engineering 

Society / Journal:

IEEE Journals

Author Digital Tools

American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautic (AIAA) Journals

Paper submission instructions

American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) Journals

Author Resources

Institute of Physics (IOP) Journals

Author Services

Systems Engineering and Engineering Management 

Society / Journal:

Institute of Physics (IOP) Journals