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Publons: Export Publons CV

Export Publons CV

You can export your CV directly from the Publons profile. The CV includes your personal information, publications, publication metrics, reviews, and editorial records. You can configure which sections and what details to be included in the CV.  

Follow the steps below to generate a Publons CV:

1. Click “Export Publons CV” from the Private Dashboard.


2. Set the date range for the CV or leave it blank to include the whole period.


3. In the About You section, click “Show options” to select which personal information to be included in the CV.


4. In the Publications section, select the options available.


5. Under the third option, “List your papers published in the selected period,” it is recommended to the author list as well.



6. Click the options under Reviews and Editorial Records sections if you want to include them in the CV.


7. Click “Generate” and save the PDF on your computer.