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Guide on How to Use Various Law Ebooks: PrimeLaw

5j. PrimeLaw

Wolters Kluwer PrimeLaw is a legal database combining legislation, case law, commentary and journal searching. PrimeLaw includes 60 ebook titles, more than 9,500 reported cases (Hong Kong and UK) and consists of the most comprehensive Hong Kong company law cases.

Concurrent Access

Unlimited Concurrent Users

Searching & Browsing the ebooks

SELECT PrimeLaw:

From the Databases page on the Library homepage, select PrimeLaw.

1. Click Commentary tab for ebooks.

2. Type in book title(s) or keyword(s) in search box or browse an ebook by title.

Viewing the ebooks

3. Click the book title/section heading to expand content.

4. Selected content is showed on the right. You may choose to email, download and/or print.