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Guide on How to Use Various Law Ebooks: Lexis Advance

5g. Lexis Advance® Hong Kong

Lexis Advance® Hong Kong is a database which contains cases, legislation, commentaries, journals & news from HK, US, UK, and other jurisdictions. It also provides a number of ebooks under Publications and Browse.


Free User Account needed to be set up?

No free user account is needed to be set up to read, print, email or download files from Lexis Advance.

Concurrent Access

Unlimited Concurrent Users

Searching & Browsing the ebooks

Lexis Advance® Hong Kong provides free text search function and topic search function of the ebooks. It also provides browsing function by clicking Browse button.

Lexis Advance® Hong Kong provides free text search function and browse function of the ebooks.

i) Searching ebook

1. As you type, the Red Search Box offers suggested legal phrases, documents or publications. When you select the Table of Contents (TOC) link of a publication title, you will be directed to the TOC of the publication.

2. On the Table of Contents page, click “+” , “-” to open or close chapters/sections. You may print, save or download the page. Click Table of Contents if you wish to view other chapters/sections.

3. If you select a publication title, you will add it to your search as a filter in the Red Search Box. You can then enter keywords to find the book content within the scope of your selected publications. Or you can Table of Contents for direct browsing.


Browsing the ebooks

1. To browse Hong Kong book titles, click a title under Publications. Select View Table of Contents to view chapters/sections. Use “+” or  “-” to expand or close book contents.

2. To view more Hong Kong titles, click More or view all HK publications.

3. Click Table of Contents link for full text.


More book titles can be searched on the Red Search box.