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[Draft] How to use LibrarySearch: Refining Results

Sorting the Results

The initial set of results is sorted by "Relevance" automatically, you may also choose to sort the results by Date-newest, Date-oldest, Title, or Author. 

Choosing the Filters

Search Filters allow you to define and narrow your search criteria so as to help you find relevant results quickly. Results can be narrowed by selecting one or more filters from the following commonly used filter options:

  • Full Text Online: Complete text is available online
  • Peer-reviewed Journals: Journals/ articles that have been read and checked by another scientist or expert working in the same subject area
  • Open Access: Materials that are free of charge and available for everyone to use
  • Available in the Library: Accessible in person inside the Library
Resource Type
  • Articles
  • Journals
  • eJournals
  • Reviews
  • Conference Proceedings
  • Books
  • Book Chapters
  • Exam Papers
  • Dissertations
  • Reference Entries
  • Newspaper Articles
  • Standards
  • Datasets
  • Audio Visual
  • Videos
  • Reports
  • Market Research
  • Text Resources
  • Web Resources
  • Other
Library Collections
  • Course Reserves
  • CUHK Theses
  • Donor Collection
  • Exam Papers
  • Local TV Programmes
  • Reference Materials
  • Special Collections
  • USC Collection
  • HK Government Documents

Based on your search terms and results, you may also use the following filter options to limit your results:

Subject, Subject(MeSH), Publication Date, Language, Author/Creator, Journal Title, New Records

Applying the Filters

Once you have selected one or more filters, you need to click on the "APPLY FILTERS" button, then the search result will be updated.


For example, if you selected the following filters and clicked on "APPLY FILTERS",

  +    +  

the search result will be limited to the printed books that are available in the University Library.

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