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Visible Body is an interactive 3D visualization and learning tool of human anatomy. The Library subscription includes web application and mobile app versions of five modules:

  • Human Anatomy Atlas
  • Muscle Premium
  • Skeleton Premium
  • Anatomy & Physiology
  • Heart & Circulatory Premium
  • Physiology Animations
  • The web application supports different operation systems and browsers. Check the system requirements to ensure you have the best possible experience.
  • Mobile app version can be run in mobile devices of Apple iOS and selectively with Android system.

Human Anatomy Atlas

Human Anatomy Atlas is a 3D visualization and learning tool used to explore the systems of the human body. It contains more than 4,600 anatomical structures, including all major organs and systems.

  • Male and female 3D models, each with 4,600+ structures
  • Microanatomy 3D models, including eye, ear, skin, and tongue
  • 3D animated models of muscle actions and maps and pins that detail origin and insertion points for muscles
  • 3D models of bony landmarks with additional reference text that details features

Source: Youtube video by Visible Body

Muscle Premium

Muscle Premium is a 3D interactive dive into the muscles of the human body. It presents an in-depth understanding of muscle attachments and actions.It includes:

  • 3D Atlas section that is fully interactive and includes 600+ muscles, 200+ bones, hundreds of peripheral nerves, ligaments, and bursae
  • Pronunciations and definitions for all structures, including details on blood supply and innervation
  • Enhanced by pins and a painted skeleton that reveal points and surface areas of muscle attachments
  • Muscle Actions section with hundreds of moving muscles organized into dozens of common actions

Source: Youtube video by Visible Body

Physiology & Pathology

Physiology & Pathology visually illuminates human anatomy and physiology, covering nearly 50 physiology topics and over 50 conditions in cardiovascular, respiratory, renal, gastrointestinal, and musculoskeletal systems.

  • 3D dissectible beating heart simulation module.
  • Compare 3D models of normal anatomy to models of common diseases and conditions. 
  • Walk through, step by step, the progression of common pathological conditions.
  • 30 quizzes test knowledge of physiological processes and pathologies.

Source: Youtube video by Visible Body

Physiology Animations

Physiology Animations illustrate and animate the core physiological processes of the human body. It includes 67 animations in all, presenting a comprehensive overview of basic physiology:

  • System Overviews (11 animations)
  • Bones and Skeletal Muscles (9 animations)
  • Respiration and Circulation (13 animations)
  • Cells and Tissues (15 animations)
  • Nutrition and Elimination (8 animations)

Source: Youtube video by Visible Body

Anatomy & Physiology

Anatomy & Physiology visually and interactively reviews the core anatomical function and physiology of all body systems, from cells and tissues, skeletal and muscular, to urinary and reproductive system.

  • Rotate the anatomical models. Zoom in or out.

  • Read definitions and hear pronunciations. 

  • Watch short animations that explain physiological processes.
  • Test your knowledge with quizzes.

Source: Youtube video by Visible Body

Skeleton Premium

Skeleton Premium provides an encyclopedic reference of skeletal anatomy. It presents real 3D models of each bone in the articulated skeleton, hundreds of ligaments, bone landmarks, and moving synovial joints.

  • Fully interactive, real 3D skeleton model comprised of over 200 bones and hundreds of ligaments
  • Gallery of animations and illustrations detailing bone anatomy and pathologies
  • Fully interactive, real 3D animated synovial joints and bone tissue

Heart & Circulatory Premium

Heart & Circulatory Premium uses 3D models and interactive presentations, quick movies, and visually stunning images to illustrate the anatomy and physiology of the circulatory system.

  • 3D Atlas section with over 600 structures of the heart and vascular anatomy
  • 3D interactive presentations of anatomy and physiology of the circulatory system
  • Two dozen animations and illustrations of basic functions, common pathologies, and procedures

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