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Guide on How to Use Various Law Ebooks: Apabi (For Chinese Titles)

4f. Apabi (For Chinese Titles)

Apabi is a Chinese ebooks database which contains over 60, 000 e-books in various disciplines.

Free User Account needed to be set up?

Yes you must install a free Apabi Reader to download ebooks. The Apabi Reader can be downloaded from the Apabi website (

Concurrent Access

Unlimited Concurrent Users for online searching and online viewing. One user (24 hours) for downloading

Mobile Devices

iphone, ipad, Android

User Guide

Searching & Browsing the ebooks

Apabi provides Quick Search and Advanced Search on the top right hand corner of its homepage. It also provides subject browsing by clicking Politics, Law (政治、法律) on the left panel.

Viewing the ebooks