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Architecture: Special Collections


This guide introduces selected resources on Architecture available in the CUHK Library and on the Internet. For assistance, please send your questions via Live Chat or contact the relevant faculty liaison librarian.


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APA style refers to the rules and conventions established by the American Psychological Association for documenting sources used in a research paper

The Chicago Manual of Style Online

The Chicago Manual of Style Online is completely searchable and easy to use, providing quick answers to your style and editing questions. The Q&A content is fully searchable along with the content of The Chicago Manual of Style. The Chicago Manual of Style Online also provides convenient Tools, such as sample forms, letters, and style sheets.


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Rare Books

Imprint : A Paris : Chez Jean Baptiste Coignard, 1684.

This is the masterpiece of Marcus Vitruvius Pollio who was a Roman author, architect and engineer in the first century BC. Various styles of buildings in ancient Greek, Roman architecture as well as town planning were evaluated in depth. This enriched edition  was divided into ten volumes and translated in French by Claude Perrault in 1684.


Rare Book 1









For details, please refer to From the treasure house: jewels from the Library of The Chinese University of Hong Kong (p.274)


Imprint: London : Printed by T. W. for J. Walthoe [and others], 1733.

The title was in French and first printed in 1650.  The main section "A Parallel of the Ancient Architecture with the Modern" was by Roland Fréart, sieur de Chambray, a French architecture theorist.  This fourth edition is translated by John Evelyn in 1733.  

Rare book 2

For details, please refer to From the treasure house: jewels from the Library of The Chinese University of Hong Kong (p.280)


Imprint : Tokyo : K.Ogawa, 1906.

This two volumes set were compiled by the Imperial Museum of Tokyo, collotyped from the negatives taken by K. Ogawa.
Edition limited to 500 copies.


Imprint : Tokyo : K.Ogawa, 1906.

A report of College of Engineering, Imperial University of Tokyo.
Edition limited to 1000 numbered copies.


Eric Lye Kum Chew Collection

The Collection is a generous donation in 2015 by Mrs. Joan Leung Lye, architect and wife of the late Professor Eric Lye Kum Chew (1933-2003). It consists of valuable materials such as Professor Lye's architectural sketches, drawings and speeches from 1977 to 1999.  Besides, over 300 books selected from the personal collection of Professor Lye covering a wide range of topics related to architecture are housed on dedicated bookshelf in Architecture Library.  

Professor Eric Lye Kum Chew, OBE FRAIC FHKIA Hon AIA (HK) Hon ARICS, was the Chair Professor and Dean of the Faculty of Architecture at University of Hong Kong.  He is regarded as a visionary architect and educator, inspiring generations of architects in Hong Kong.


Eric Lye Collection Sketches 1 

Eric Lye Collection Sketches 2

             Sketches of Chung Chi College Chapel Extension, The Chinese University of Hong Kong 



             Selected books in dedicated bookshelf


Prip-Moller's Archives

This is a collection of photographs (positives in glass frames) and hand-written notes. Many photographs were re-printed in the book Chinese Buddhist monasteries : their plan and its function as a setting for Buddhist monastic life published in 1937.

The collection is believed to be the research on Chinese Temples carried out by the Danish architect, Dr. Johannes Prip-Moller (1889-1943). Dr. Prip-Moller studied Chinese temple architecture and incorporated Chinese forms into his designs. His works include the building for Tao Fong Shan Christian Centre in Hong Kong.

Kwok On Collections

The collection was donated by the children of Mr. Kwok On who had particular interest in collecting books on Chinese Architecture. A lot of them are out of print and very rare.

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