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Anatomy: Multimedia

Visible Body

Visible Body is a 3D human anatomy visualization and learning tool which includes content in human anatomy & physiology, musculoskeletal, and heart & circulatory systems.

Anatomy Atlases

Anatomy Atlases is a digital anatomy library curated by Michael P. D'Alessandro and Ronald A. Bergman for use by medical students, residents, fellows, or attending physicians.

MedlinePlus Health Videos

MedlinePlus Health Videos is a collection of animated videos showing the anatomy of body parts and organ systems and how diseases and conditions affect them. (Primal Pictures) (Primal Pictures) consists of fully interactive cross-sectional 3D anatomical images that can be explored at different levels.


eSkeletons provides an interactive environment in which to examine and learn about skeletal anatomy through the osteology database of the University of Texas.


GIBLIB is an online platform providing surgical videos, medical lectures and courses created by leading medical institutions including Mayo Clinic, UCSF, and Cedars Sinai. Its unique features include 360-degree virtual reality videos of surgical procedures featuring surgeon points-of-view and other angles to showcase support provided by the surgical team.

Imaging Atlas of Human Anatomy


Imaging Atlas of Human Anatomy provides a complete and 3-dimensional view of the structures and relationships within the body through a variety of imaging modalities.

Bassett Collection of Images of Human Anatomy

Bassett Collection of Stereoscopic Images of Human Anatomy includes images of human anatomy with detailed line drawings derived from the Stereoscopic Atlas of Human Anatomy.

SMART Imagebase

SMART Imagebase contains a growing collection of high-quality illustrations and animations depicting anatomy, physiology, surgery, pathology, diseases, conditions, trauma, embryology, histology and other medical topics.