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Introduction to Digital Humanities (DH): Learning Resources

Understanding DH in Videos

What is Digital Humanities?
New York University Humanities
Date: 2016.05.13

This is a video of a digital humanities symposium held by New York University. The speakers discussed about what Digital Humanities is.


Humanities + Digital Tools video from Stanford University
Stanford Humanities Center, Stanford University
Date: 2015.06.08

The video is part of the Stanford Humanities + Digital Tools series recording a panel discussion by Stanford humanities scholars and technology experts on May 5, 2015,  investigating how digital tools are helping them explore complex questions in history, literature, archaeology and more.


The Humanities in a Digital Age
Yale University
Date: 2012.10.08

This video documents a public lecture given by Professor Gregory Crane from Tufts University. In the lecture, exploring the possible outcomes of the rise of Digital Humanities and their implications.


YouTube Channel pvierth
Professor Paul Vierthaler

This YouTube channel is created by Professor Paul Vierthaler, Assistant Professor of Chinese Studies in the Modern Languages and Literatures department at the College of William & Mary. He makes videos to help students understanding the concepts in digital humanities. He also creates technical tutorials for programing for digital research. He was one of the speakers of CUHK Library Digital Scholarship Symposium 2019.  

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