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Visible Body: Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps Installation

  Follow the steps to install the mobile apps:


1. Connect your mobile device with CUHK Wi-Fi network or through a VPN connection.

2. Download and open the app on your mobile device. Make sure you have selected the right version of mobile app.

3. After this initialization of the app, you can start using it for 90 days at campus, offline, or off campus.

4. When you use your Visible Body apps, you may see a message that provides information on the number of accessible days left on your mobile access while you are off campus or offline.

5. To continue using the app offline and off campus, open the app with your mobile device connected with CUHK Wi-Fi network or through VPN at least once every 90 days.

6. After this verification step, your offline and off-campus mobile access of the app will be extended for another 90 days.

Points to note:

  • The mobile apps of Visible Body are for the use of CUHK staff and students only.
  • The apps must be downloaded on mobile device connected with CUHK Wi-Fi network.
  • Some mobile apps can be operated with iOS mobile devices only.
  • The file sizes of Visible Body mobile apps are large. Please ensure the storage capacity of your mobile device is sufficient.
  • For best performance, you are recommended to activate the app on the device with the largest screen size (eg. tablets).

Visible Body Mobile Apps

  You can use the following mobile apps:

For Organizations - 2016 Human Anatomy Atlas

Human Anatomy Atlas provides 3D anatomical interactive atlas of the male and female human body, with over 4,600 structures in each model. (Size: iOS: 560 MB / Android: 622 MB)

For Organizations - 2016 Muscle Premium

Muscle Premium includes true 3D models of hundreds of muscles, bones, ligaments, bursa and nerves. (Size: iOS: 422 MB / Android: 312 MB)

For Organizations - 2016 Skeleton Premium

Skeleton Premium provides animations and illustrations that explain the anatomy and pathologies of bones, ligaments and synovial joints. (Size: 298 MB)

For Organizations - 2016 Anatomy & Physiology

Includes 50 chapters/modules with over 500 preset views of 3D models, illustrations, and animations on anatomy and physiology. (Size: iOS: 1.25 GB / Android: 1.1 GB)

For Organizations - 2016 3D Heart & Circulatory Premium 2

Provides 3D anatomical models and a gallery of animations and illustrations for learning and teaching of the anatomy and physiology of human circulatory system. (Size: 589 MB)

For Organizations - 2016 Physiology Animations

This app includes dozens of videos that illustrate and animate core physiological processes and common pathologies. (Size: 1.20 GB)

Frequently Asked Questions

Each mobile app has its unique content, you can install individual app as needed.


The mobile apps are for the use of CUHK students and staff only.


At this moment, only some but not all Visible Body apps are available for mobile devices of Android system.


Yes. You have to download and open the app with your mobile device connected with CUHK Wi-Fi network or through VPN.


The app detects that your mobile device is not connected with CUHK network. Please close the app, connect your mobile device with CUHK Wi-Fi netwrok or through VPN and re-open the app again.


Yes. Eligible CUHK user can install the app on multiple mobile devices.


Please install and use the version highlighted with "For Organizations 2016".


Yes. You can re-install the app again following the same procedures.


The Visible Body app is activated for 90 days through institutional network when first installed. In order to continue the use, you have to open the app with your mobile device connected with CUHK Wi-Fi or through VPN at least once every 90 days.


The Human Anatomy Atlas and Physiology Animations apps are available in both English and Chinese language.The language being displayed is in accordance with the setting of your mobile device. To switch the app language, please change the language setting of your mobile device. Note that only the language of text descriptions can be changed but not the audio part.

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