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Guide on How to Use Various Law Ebook Software: Thomson Reuters Law ProView Hong Kong Law e-books

5i. Thomson Reuters Law ProView Hong Kong Law e-books

Thomson Reuters ProView™ is the mobile and desktop reading platform that allows users to access Thomson Reuters eBooks and periodicals online and offline.

A small number of law textbooks published by Sweet & Maxwell are available on ProView™ platform through CUHK Library Catalogue.

Free User Account needed to be set up?

No free user account is needed to be set up to read or download PDF files from ProView.

Concurrent Access

Unlimited Concurrent Users

User Guide

Searching & Browsing the ebooks

To access the ProView™, CUHK users can search the term “proview” under Books tab on CUHK Library Catalogue OR access through A-Z Databases by Law page and then select “Thomson Reuters Law ProView Hong Kong Law e-books”. 

1. To access the  ProView™ database of all available titles, CUHK users can search by the term "proview" under Books tab on CUHK Library Catalogue.

proview on cuhk

2. Click View Online and then click to open “Access via Proview”.

online view proview

Viewing the ebooks

3. Choose a title to read by clicking a book cover.

select books

4. Select a chapter to review from Table on Contents. You may also search content by keywords on search box.

TOB proview

5. Highlight the text you wish to open in pdf and then click “share”.

share proview

6. If you would like to download a page in pdf, click   to select “Current Page view” and then “Next” to create.

download proview

7. By selecting settings icon setting proview, you may change font, text size and line spacing etc.

setting proview