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Law Database Guides: Westlaw Next

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Westlaw Next

Westlaw HK and Westlaw International have been officially replaced by Westlaw Asia and Westlaw Next respectively since December 31st, 2015.


For WIFI users, after selecting a database, please login with your Easy Access ID and Library Password.


1. From the Law Database List page on the Library homepage, select Westlaw Next. (If you access Westlaw Next through A-Z Database List – LAW, you will be directed to screen at Step 3).

OR you can access Westlaw Next on Westlaw Asia by clicking “Westlaw Next” link.

2. Click to open “Law Reviews & Journals” for accessing varied publications. To find materials for a country, please click on the particular jurisdiction. (After clicking “Law Reviews & Journals”, you will be directed to Step 5).

3. To find U.S. materials, you may either go "Westlaw Next homepage" or "United States". 

On the "Westlaw Next homepage" or "United States" page, input your search terms on the search box directly e.g. "human rights"/p refugees /p protection and then hit “SEARCH”.

If you specifically look for “Law Reviews & Journals” section, click “Secondary Sources”, and you will be directed to Step 5).

4. After you retrieved a list of results, select the type of resources you wish to review.

5. To find U.S. and Canadian based law reviews and journals, you may type in publication name, keywords or article title directly in the search box. If you are looking for more international law reviews and journals (including from US, Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Africa and Canada etc), please click "World Journals".

6. You may then type in publication name, keywords or article title in the search box and then press search button.

7. If the results appear to be too broad, you may limit the search by adding connectors between each term e.g. /s (terms will appear in the same sentence), /p (terms will appear in the same paragraph), %/ (Terms will be excluded in the article) OR click "advanced" button to set "Term frequency" for terms or enter your search terms in different fields.

Adding a connector "/p" between each search term will narrow down the search results.

8. You may email, print and/or download the results.

To watch "Getting Started with WestlawNext" training video, please click here.