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Law Database Guides: Lexis HK

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Lexis HK

Lexis® HK will soon be decommissioned on 30th June 2019 and succeeded by Lexis Advance.

Lexis HK is a full text database that provides access to cases, legislations and journal articles on all aspects of law. Source documents include Hong Kong, the United Kingdom, other Commonwealth countries, and PRC.

From the Databases page on the Library homepage, select Lexis HK


1. Quick Search: i. Enter word(s) or phrases in the search box. You may use connectors to define relationships between terms. Click Help for more information on using connectors.
ii. You may search across all subscribed sources or a particular type of materials by de-selecting the category as a source. You can select Hong Kong to search Hong Kong materials or All jurisdictions to search across all countries available in Lexis.

2. Content Specific Search: provide an advanced search of a particular source. Click the Case tab to search cases with more search options, the Legislation tab to search legislation, the Commentary tab to search HK and UK commentaries, the Forms tab to search HK and UK forms and precedents, the Journals tab to search journal articles.

3. My Bookshelf: click Browse to view the table of contents and locate the information from that or click Search to search the information.

4. Lexis China: click Lexis China at the top right hand side of the screen to access PRC legal materials.



Connector Retrieves
AND Links words or phrases that must appear together in the same document, no matter how close or far apart:
bank AND deregulate
OR Links synonyms, antonyms, alternate forms of expression, etc. Broadens search results:
outlook OR forecast OR trend
W/N Locates search terms within a certain number (N) of words of each other. Does not specify word order:
market W/5 share (read: market within five words of share)
W/S Looks for documents with search words in the same sentence; cannot be combined with the W/N:
Copyright W/S fair dealing
W/P Looks for documents with search words in the same paragraph;cannot be combined with the W/N:
airline W/P merger
AND NOT Looks for documents in which a search word or phrase is to be excluded:
trust AND NOT charitable


To watch training videos of searching legal materials on Lexis, please click here.